Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Summer Fun!

Here is just a photo dump of what we have been up to lately :)

(pics all taken from my point and shoot..not my nice one)

My nephew's bday pool party on June 21st... didnt get a whole lot of pics.
Ok so i only took 2 :(

Braylee and Kallee (my niece) playing dress up

We have been going on a lot more bike rides :) Or at least trying too if it isnt too hot. If its too hot we would so much rather just bust out the pool :). And me and Makaibree (cute little girl i babysit).

Birthday lunch on Braylee's birthday followed by 7 peaks water park! Bray was anxious to swim.
 after swimming i had forgot to bring braylee a change of dry clothes.. but bet your toosh we always pack extra swim suits! lol

Meet baby Blake!
Born June 23rd!
Yep, he has the same birthday as Braylee! Blake's mom Bailie has been one of my best friends sense i first got married in 2007. And a couple years ago we got to enjoy pregnancy together! Bailie's daughter Preslie was one of the 3 baby girls all born within a month and a half! Read about baby best friends {{hErE}}. So fun for Braylee to have friends so close in age :). Well now Bailie has a new addition and isnt he just so adorable! MAYBE one day we will catch up to her ;)

I realize i am A LITTLE biased but........................................... HOLY MOLY! Is she not the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen!

Courtney, one of my best friends growing up got married! What a beautiful bride! And what a gorgeous venue!
 mmmmmmmmmmm :)

 too cute!

Lagoon is like the ONLY amusement park in all of Utah. And us big kids went to spend the entire day there! Cant wait for bounce back!

Sorry about the photo dump but its hard to keep up on blogging with all of the fun we are having this summer! I am LOVING summer and loving Braylee at this age enjoying summer :).

I hope you all are having an amazing summer also!
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