Thursday, July 28, 2011

Get Naked....

My daughter is such a hoot.

She has always loved to be nakey. She will get herself naked anywhere, even in public. I LOVE to put dresses on her but those are usually the outfits that come off easiest.

And it got me thinking. Sometimes i wish i could be like my daughter. Like a child. To not have a care in the world. She doesnt care if her thighs jiggle when she runs. She doesnt care if the girl living next door has prettier hair or more money. Of course alot of that is because she is 2 and isnt aware of all these things yet but you get my point. Braylee is fine to fun around naked and not care who see's. Now im not saying us adults need to start running around naked but more like the symbolism of it. Why is it SO hard for us to just be ourselves and not have a care in the world of what others think of us? Where did we go wrong? At what age do we start putting ourselves down and looking at what everyone else has and comparing ourselves? Where did it start?

I desperately want to figure it out and keep that from happening with my daughter. I know that with anything else in life, all we can do is teach our children wrong from right and teach them certain aspects in life and then all we can do after that point is hope for the best. Hope that all our nagging and disciplining and talking their ears off will have some effect of them.

But i think the greatest way to get through to our children is by being an example. How can we teach them one thing and do the complete opposite?

I came across a post by Casey Wiegand about scars. You can find it {{ hErE }}. And it really hit me. Now i dont have a C-section scar but my stomach is COVERED, from under my boobs all the way to my mid thighs, with huge, deep, dark, stretch marks. I even have them on top of my shoulders, in my arm pits, and even on my jaw bone. How that happened i do not know. Of course i know they aren't pretty, but i have learned to embrace them. I really dont care. I look at them as pregnancy battle wounds (i had a HORRIBLE pregnancy) that were all worth it so that i could bring my pride and joy into this world. I still wear tank tops even though i have stretch marks on my shoulders. I still wear short shorts even though i have stretch marks on my thighs. Now i dont wear bikinis but if i had the body, bet your toosh i would.

Why should i have to hide? Why should i have to worry about what my body looks like for other people. I accept them and i could care less if you accept them or not. I didnt always accept my pregnancy scars. But after a while i got tired of hiding. I got tired of not being able to wear half my clothes due to a stretch mark showing.

Im not perfect. Im far from it. But i am trying to train myself to love me for who i am. Even if i really dont love certain things about myself, i want to pretend i do so that i can be that example for my baby girl. And maybe after a while of pretending.. I really will :)

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