Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fathers Day

So this is kind of a continuation of the sand dunes post. This year for fathers day we went to the dunes and had a sleep over with our best friends. In the morning we wanted to take the boys out to breakfast to their favorite breakfast place IHOP. It was pretty packed but where we had a smaller group it was only a 10 min wait. We got seated and was so excited. 20 min go by.. we figure its just really busy and they will get to us soon. 45 MIN LATER our waitress comes and orders our drinks. We had 2 orange juices, 2 waters, and a hot chocolate. She brings our drinks 15 min later and forgot half  of them. We brushed it off, noticed the people sat down 5 min after us were just getting their food and we hadnt even ordered. We were pretty annoyed but were so excited for our food that we stuck it out. 15 more min.. we order. 30 more min go by, the table that was sat after us was packing up to leave, but then the boiling point happened. Another table that was sat an hour after us got their food. I think all 4 of us stood up and was about to walk out. Jeff went and had some words with a manager.. i guess we got the "new girl" and they were really apologetic. we ended up getting our breakfast for free :) All though it was super annoying.. Happy Fathers day to us right?!

For fathers day i got Jeff a hunter game for our wii. Well turns out Nikki's dad got a wii for fathers day and they were headed there next so we tagged along and all the fathers played some wii :)

 hahahaha freaking Casey....... (yes he is eating a sandwhich while playing the wii)
 Papa Burr (Nik's dad) in on all the fun

 The girls cooking. Isnt Nikki's mom cute :)
 Then we all played some regular wii games. Too much fun!

Later we headed to my sisters house for a fathers day dinner. We also did a little birthday thing for Landan and Braylee sense most of my family couldnt make it to Braylee's party on saturday....

Yay for dads!
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