Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Braylee's Birthday Bash!

I always make a big deal out of birthday, but Braylee's especially. I started planning a couple weeks in advance, stressed about where i wanted to have her birthday, if i should do a theme, what theme i should go with, what food should i make or have. What cake? What decorations? What gifts to get a 2 year old. (siiiiigh.......i have a TWO year old!). But we settled with a TINKERBELL theme. Tinkerbell was her first favorite. Her grandma Tammy (Jeff's mom) got her a little purple tinkerbell chair and she fell in love. My mom started something this year that each of the youngest girls (cousins) get their birthday pictures taken in a princess dress. Well this year Braylee was tinkerbell :) So we went with a tinkerbell theme.

There is a new awesome park by our house that had a splash pad and so i really wanted to have her party there. I was worried about it because it wasnt a set deal as far as pavilions being taken, and i was worried that no one would come cuz "we live too far away" (20 miles from our home town..about 20 min). We get that A LOT, but we go to everyone else's events.... anyway.....
 I was so excited over her cake!

We got to the park hoping there would be an open pavilion, to find that the park was PACKED. All 4 pavilions and all the tables were all taken. So i was prepared for this (kind of) and had the besties bring a canopy. It was hot, a little windy, the balloons had to be held or they would blow away, i was stressin bad. THANK GOODNESS that Nikki and Casey came over early to help set up, i dont know what i would have done without them. Well as soon as we got things set up, one of the pavilion things opened up, we ran over and snagged it, re-set up, and realized we didnt bring a knife, forks, or the table we were going to put the cake on. Soooooo, while jeff ran home we had the kids play in the water instead of doing cake and presents before water. That gave me time to simmer down and stop stressing over silly things like the big amount of people who didnt show up, my family being the biggest issue..

 They loved it needless to say :)

As soon as Jeff returned we sang happy birthday to Braylee a couple times (lol). That was the moment i stopped stressing about everyone that didnt show up, and looked around at everyone who was there for Braylee, singing to her (im tearing up just thinking about it). I CAN NOT even express how
grateful and happy everyone that came made me.

 i was almost sad to cut the cake haha.

 Ashley and her kids drove 75 miles (1 hour and a half) to come to Braylee's party.
 Brings a tear to my eye.

Then we did presents

 (the next 5 pics were taken by Ashley and with Ashley's camera )

 ok back to pics taken by me :)
After doing presents all the kids wanted to go play on the splash pad some more. They had a blast.

 baby Hope :)

We got home and Braylee wanted to open up all her barbies and dolls and we just had to try out her new bike :)

Words can not even express how thankful i am for everyone who took time out of their busy summer schedules to come support and celebrate Braylee's birthday.
I cant believe she is two already!
I love you so much baby girl :)

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