Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BBQ's & Birthdays!

First off..
i did my first guest post!!
You can find it {{hErE}} on days filled with love blog!
Make sure you go check it out and learn some things about tantrums!

I feel like we are always having a bbq,
and i gotta tell you,

Last Sunday we had a spur of the moment bbq with Jeff's family.

 Jeff's Brother's girls: Katelynne (the one hanging), Aly (in dress), and Cheyanne
Bray, Aly, and Chey

Then on Monday we went to my sisters house to celebrate her husband's birthday!

 my family always has BOMB.COM food!
for reals ya'll

 all the youngest grand kids. Kallee born feb 08, Audrie born May 08, Landan born June 08.......
and Braylee born june o9 lol

 Cassie in blue (my oldest niece), Sammie next to cassie (second oldest niece), Bray (my daughter) then Kallee (3rd oldest niece) on my side of the fam
 my baby brother had an afro... got it cut, didnt listen to mommy about the sunblock thing, and got a REALLY bad sunburn where his hair line used to be. I guess it like blistered and exploded and was a disaster haha.

 baby brother Kyle and my niece Kallee

 a bunch of acrobats

This pic ^^^ is supposed to be moving.. if it isnt, click on it and it will lol

 Sam, Audrie, and Braylee in time out as usual lol

I could go running and racing and dancing and chasing and leaping and bounding, hair flying, heart pounding, and splashing and reeling and finally feeling now’s when my life begins! -Tangled

(LEFT PIC) My oldest sister Yolanda, and my baby sister Tricia (aka twiggy).
 Kallee helping her dad blow out the candles

 Mmmmmm :)
healthy! ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE! (last week) -- i suck **insert sad face**
i have a sky obsession
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