Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July weekend PART UNO

Im pretty sure the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I think it comes in 3rd. Christmas, Halloween, then the 4th of July! Its always full of family and friends, swimming, bbq's, cuddling of blankets and watching fireworks.

This year we started our weeked off on Saturday, the 2nd. First we went to 7 peaks water park. We got a season pass and will be going MANY times :).
Next we ATTEMPTED to go to a good friend of mine's daughter's birthday party. That didnt play out due to car troubles as i explained last week in my phone pics post lol.

So that evening, we went to Nikki's parents house to have a bbq and do some fireworks!
Braylee was a ball of energy and was LOVING the trampoline :)

 Nik wasnt ready for that lol

 Total paparazzi creeper status :)

 Nikki and her dad (papa Burr) tend to fight like children :)
Its quite amusing and entertaining.
 Papa Burr making fun of Nikki crying to mommy.... and Nikki laughing at papa Burr getting in trouble haha
 i make her better :)

I didnt get pics cuz i was STARVING and stuffed my face as fast as i could but we had a delicious BBq!

 Braylee DID NOT like the loud fireworks lol

She loved the sparklers though

 boys will be boys
 setting up their firework train
 its working.........
 the one on the left looks like a heart :)

haha the sprinklers came on.

4TH of July part duece coming soon!

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