Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday...

So...i've had no drive to blog lately.
sorry guys.
Hopefully ill get out of this blogging funk soon..
i think its cuz ive been so annoyed with blogger. Its been like 5 weeks now that i cant view my dashboard, now i cant comment on most blogs, and NOW, when i go to follow a new blog, it wont let me follow with this blog, it automatically signs me in to follow from my photography blog. wtf? They arent even the same emails or passwords. They arent connected in any way. GAH!! stupid blogger. If i didnt loose all my GFC followers and screw up button codes when switching to wordpress i would have done it by now. So i apologise to any new trying to get the glitches fixed :( (also make sure you leave your url in a comment for me to follow back) :)

i forgot to mention...
who wants to host a giveaway!
it just seems like the right thing to do :)


My natural hair color is pretty neutral. Its a really light light brown with blonde tint to it. Or like a DIRTY DIRTY blonde. So my hair looks pretty good both brunette and blonde. I like to change it up here and there but i never last long as a brunette. I am just happier blonde, its more me.

So on the subject of hair, i need to know what products are cheap and work really good with dry hair? When ever i go blonde it dries my hair out (go figure).
DO NOT get garnier fructis go green conditioner! It leaves my hair feeling NASTY like i cant wash out all of the conditioner.

anyway... (this a very not so wordless wednesday, and its not even wednesday...oh well)
lastly... whats your opinion?
Blonde, or Brunette??
these are extremes of the two :)

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