Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Lovin'....


I love summer time. Sunshine, warmth, swimming, tan skin, camping, parades, carnivals, bbq's, water fights, riding, bike rides, hikes, just so many things to do!

We started our MANY to come summer events with the first carnival event, Art City Days parade.
Dress: Childrens Place in St. George outlet. On sale, $5.00
Shoes: hand-me-down

Shirt/Dress: Ross, $8.00 i think?
Shoes: Ross, $12.00
Sun glasses: b-day present from baby seester from some sunglasses booth at the mall :)

Then we headed off to the parade :)
(rest of pics taken with my point and shoot)
i dont take my nice camera out very much in fear of it being lost/stolen/broken etc. Which speaking of which, the carnival we went to a couple weeks after this one.. my point and shoot was jacked.. :( sad day.
anyway........ on to the parade

 so loud

Jeff got giddy when his company went by

Then later that evening, we had a water fight of course :)

Then a few days later we went to the art city days carnival :)

watching Jeff and Bray go down the slide

Jeff and Nik going on a and Casey get sick on spinney carnival rides so we stayed with the children haha.

in the 3rd pic bray was dancing, look at her little cheer facial expression (she better not want to do cheer haha, no offence to cheerleaders. She can do dance :)

Bray on a ride

i take a lot of selfies...

I have many more carnivals (except not the carnival in pg that we went to cuz thats when my point and shoot was stolen..sad day), and water fights and birthdays and riding things to catch up on but i wont overwhelm you guys and ill do it one post at a time :)

If your comment box looks like this...

i cant comment on your blog...and it really annoys me. I am working on making a wordpress blog but its really confusing so it might take a while... So yea i apologise if i seem MIA on visiting your blogs.. majority of blogs have this commenting system so i feel like i cant comment on anyones blog. BOOO blogger!
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