Tuesday, June 7, 2011

St George part Deuce

Snow Canyon adventure:

As i mentioned in the previous post, the crappy weather from home made it to st george :( But luckily it didnt rain and hail. It was just cloudy and windy. Which was nice for hiking and not getting too hot or sun burnt (cuz we already were lol). But...... it made it not so fun in the sand.

 First pic: little brother, and hubby holding bray's hand. Middle pic: little sister in white with her best friend Shelbie. Right pic: Me holding Braylee's hand :)
 The kids didnt let the wind and sand flying everywhere get in the way of their playing. We were smart and sat at the bottom of this sand hill thing in this bowl of sand, the wind wasnt as bad.

 We had a picnic which was interesting with the wind. But the literal SANDwiches were yum :)

Then we set off for hiking. We had a lot of small kids and babies so we only did short trails. Next year i want to do a long hike and bring a back back to pack bray with lol.
 i swear i am raising 2 children. My daughter and my husband lol

See that person at the very top of the far left pic, yep thats jeff
 I love doing these kinds of things. Reminds me of my childhood. Going on hikes, to national parks, family bonding. We had a really good time :)

We got all showered and went out for our last dinner in St George.
Texas Roadhouse was a fine choice :)
 i was covering up is creepy eye :)
your welcome

Monday was GORGEOUS. I was so upset to have to leave such sunny beautiful weather and drive home to a forecast of rain and hail :(

I hate coming back to reality. I love spending so much quality family time and have my hubby around 24/7 for 3 days in a row. Vacations are like... IDEAL dream life. Not working and playing all day. Then on Tuesday hubby was back to work and i was having major withdrawals from him. Which i attach myself to him anyway. Does anyone else do that or do i need some therapy? I mean i know its normal to love your husband and to like to be around him but i am like ATTACHED to him haha. Thanks to everyone who made this weekend fun and amazing!

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