Monday, June 6, 2011

St geezy up in the heezy!

I cant seem to ever stay caught up with my blog.. and i blog quite often. Does that mean i cant keep up with my life?!

So it has kind of turned into a family tradition to have a mini vaycay to St George every April/May ish time. We live about 3 hours from St George and we go to get out of the cold and into the warm :).

This year we left with rain and hail in the forecast to sunshine and happiness in St George. Awesome yea?!

Because of the boy's work schedule and some school schedules the fam headed to George in a few different waves :). Me, el madre, el sistero Becky, her daughter, my daughter, and my 3 nieces from my other sister (who wasnt able to come) all rode together along with some of Becky's in laws.
 that snow issue..was exactly why we were busting out
 thats how i do.. chillin like a villain watching cinderella :)

We arrived in George town, couldnt find the town home we were staying in so what do we do?? Go to Red Robin :) super

The next wave consisted my the husband, Becky's husband, little brother, little sister, little sister's friend, and Becky's niece in law's hubby.
The boys didnt arrive until after midnight.

Day 2 was beautiful. So... we went swimming :)

 Braylee is my little mermaid. She LOVES the water, just like her mama (and she is currently obsessed with the little mermaid movie..makes me proud). This pool had a kiddie pool which was awesome.
 our crew took over the kiddie pool :)
we are cool like that
 Bray was throwing a FIT when we had to leave

After we got all showered and ready we went out to dinner at Brick Oven
(i dont take my nice camera out to dinner)

 The following day we had plans to go hiking and explore the Snow Canyon National park. Unfortunately the crappy weather from home made its way to George. But it was just really windy.. we didnt get the rain and hail from home luckily. But we went on our adventure anyway :)

 Tan lines and Sun burns lol. (yes we used sunblock)

Snow Canyon coming soon :)

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