Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sand Dunes

i love the sand dunes :)

On fathers day weekend, we went to the sand dunes with Casey&Nikki and Casey's family. Jeff and Casey have been going to the sand dunes their whole lives and love it. This was Braylee's second time coming to the sand dunes outside of the womb (i went when i was 8 months prego). But her first time she was like, 9 months old, so this was the first time where she could enjoy it and play.
 The first thing she wanted to do was to play in the sand

 The weather was perfect. Normally its SOOOO hot at the sund dunes cuz there is no shade and well, its basically a desert out there. But the day we went we had alot of cloud coverage and it was warm but not too hot.
 Even baby Hope loved it :)

 Nikki is crazy on the four wheeler.....
 I was really worried that Braylee was going to be a disaster. I though maybe it would be too hot for her. Or that she would get bored and be ornery and clingy to me. But my worst fear was that she wouldnt nap. Sense Braylee was born she has been an interesting sleeper. She would nap really well but ONLY in HER crib, or sometimes in the car when we were driving. But when she turned about 20 months, she all the sudden started taking naps in her pack and play at my sisters house when she babysat her and at Casey and Nikki's when we hang out there on the weekends. Well she started getting tired and i didnt want to lay her down in one of the trailers cuz i knew she wouldnt sleep with people going in and out. Also, Braylee like to get up and terrorize things lol. So we had the idea to put her in her car seat. Sure enough she said she wanted to take a nigh nigh (nap), and went right to sleep. There was a nice cool breeze and she slept for about 2 hours. yay!

 i love him :)
and the dunes are just pretty. I couldnt stop taking pictures

 Mmmmm :)

 Me and Nik are in love. We complete each other.
Sometimes, ok most the time, we just go into our own world and zone everyone else out.
Husband's are cool, but every girl has to have her best friend to vent to and have girl talk. Besides, girls just understand each other better than guys.
 haha we almost peed our pants falling down the sand hill
 the boys heading out for sand mountain.

 Bray DID NOT want to get on the four wheeler at first when Jeff tried with her. But she got on the four wheeler with Nikki the second we tried to haha.

Remember when i mentioned that nikki is CRAZY on the four wheeler?? Yep, i go riding with her haha. Im laughing out loud right now as i type just thinking about it. (many inside jokes right now). But our favorite is the woops. If you dont know what woops are.. they are basically like waves of dirt/sand ect. Bumps.. rhythmic woopty woos..haha. When they are man made, they are made so that the faster you go, you just kinda glide over the top of them. Well we hit them, and the more out of control we get, the faster nikki goes, which doesnt make us glide over the top, i compare it to riding a bull haha. Im surprised i havent fallen off yet.

the fathers day post is coming soon...
haha i know i suck at keeping caught up.
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