Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our week (or 2) in phone pics..

last 2 weeks
*came home from our vacation and found this on our fridge :) thats why they are our best friends :) *ma natural heeeer (hair) *Bray being support for cousin at cheer :) *im back to Blondie. i never stay brunette for long lol *i CAN NOT keep clothes on this girl lately *license and registration please.... *mmm yes i think so *BAM! that just happened * food. :)

*SUPERSTAR! my bday :) *wifies for life! *baby Hope trying to roll over at 2 months old *my flowers are still alive!!! *woke up from her nap nakey... imagin that.... oh child. *say my name :) *me and wifey at the carnival! *Bray on a ride *me and the kid :) * me and princess at the parade * balloon up in my grill * FREAKIN HOT MESSES with rad spiderman glasses :)

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