Sunday, June 26, 2011

our week in phone pics..

or our last 2 weeks lol
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 *Bray LOVES to help with baby Hope * i ran upstairs for literally 30 seconds, came back down, and Braylee had taken Hope's diaper off and was digging through the diaper bag to get a new one lol * strawberries and cream :) yum * Braylee was trying on her birthday tinkerbell outfit (will post pics when i get them next week) * on a bike ride. WHO invented bike seats?? they should be shot. ouch on the girl part :( * oh just chillin in the allergies, whatev *Kallee and Bray playing at the park *wifey collage in my car. she hold the other half of my heart :) *love sun sets

*New baby Blake :) soooo adorable (my friend Bailie's son) Born same day as Bray via planned C-section, June 23rd 2011. was 6 pounds 11 oz *diddo *diddo *Bray after her bday shoot :) * BRAY'S BDAY CAKE! (post coming soon on Braylee's birthday party *baby trinity, soo big (ashley's baby) * Trinity again. I only get to see ashley and kids on birthdays cuz we live like 2 hours apart from each other. sad day. (ps, if Lyrik would hold still long enough id sneak a pic with him too haha). *Bray playing with her bday presents * Bray's bed.. and her million toys. She always had a few toys but now that we've taken the binki away at night she wants even more toys haha. whatev. i dont see why not.

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