Monday, June 20, 2011

My 22nd Birthday Bash!

This year was amazing! Even though i had a hard time accepting that i was turning 22 :). Not that 22 is old, its just weird for ME to be turning 22. I still feel 18, young at heart i call it :). So birthdays have always been a big deal in my family and usually last more than one day. On my actual birthday (June 3rd..haha i know i suck at blogging. i am always a week behind), i got my hair did (on the previous day) and went blonde again! I am so much more happy blonde. Jeff had to work till 4pm or whatever time he got off so i spend the day with Braylee and my niece. They helped paint my toes and brush my hair..real princess treatment :) (im a total princess on my birthday..Jeff has accepted it lol). Then that night, We ordered pizza, my favorite, papa john's bbq chicken, and had cake and ice cream with the family! I love my family and all they do for me. Just being there for my bday meant the world to me! Isnt it funny how when you're "old" you dont even care about presents anymore.

The following day (told you bday usual last more than one day lol) Jeff didnt work so he took shopping for some cute clothes and got me some new shoes. Toms to be exact. They are so comfy and light and HELLLLOOOOO they go for such an amazing cause! For every pair of Toms you buy, a child who cant afford shoes gets a pair :). How sweet is that! And i caught wind from the hipster dad that they make BABY TOMS! I am getting some for Bray.

Then the real excitement began! We headed over to our best friends house!
new shades from my baby seester and her bff shelbie :)
and one of my new freaking cute shirts i got for my bday at Ross. I love that store!
Nik surprised me with a cake! If you cant read what it says, it says "Happy Wifey" aka.. happy birthday wifey :) She is such a sweetheart, i just love her. Wifies for life.

Then we got pampered some more! Nikki's cousin T painted our toes..what a sweetheart she is :)
 Bray wanted hers done too :) She loves her auntie also :)

The following pictures i want you to just keep in mind that we were COMPLETELY sober. Not on any drugs or caffeine what so ever. This is how me and Nikki are 24/7 and this is why we love each other. We always have a good time and laugh and play and be silly together. We go into our own little world just being around each other and goof off. And that is why we are in love :)

Nik being a super star!
 Super fly
 Everything turns into a game :) We were playing spies, on a mission to ambush the boys. Can you find Nikki?? ;)
Me and Nik being our silly selves.

Then we went walking into the sunset together :)
 Then we got ambushed.. and the water fight began!
we hopped in our gettaway car, ran around the neighborhood hiding in bushes, on lawns, eventually snuck back to the base and ambushed the boys when they came back. We so won that water fight. Girls: 1 Boys: 0

Then we came inside and sang happy birthday to me :)
 You can see in Nikki's face that she has something up her sleeve lol

haha then we had a cake fight :)

and ended the night making smores on the bbq-er :)

I seriously love these guys and would do anything for them! I had the best bday ever!
Thanks to everyone who made it the best bday so far!
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