Saturday, June 18, 2011

Can mommy throw a tantrum??

Cuz i really want to.

It is NOT fair...that my tiny little baby is almost 2!

I am going nuts trying to plan her birthday! I dont even know for sure what i want to do as far as decorating or having a theme. Im thinking princess theme. Go figure :). But i am doing her party at a park with a splash pad and everyone is going to be wearing swim suits.. so maybe like a fish party? GA! Well on my Pinterest i am brainstorming ideas (you can find my boards HERE).

Update on miss Braylee Ann

  • She sleeps in her toddler bed WONDERFULLY! I only put her in her toddler bed cuz she could crawl out of her crib and i didnt want her to fall out and break her leg or something.
  • She sleeps at other places other than her bed. She used to only sleep in HER bed. No where else.
  • She is still drinking her pediasure
  • she has to sleep with her baby, her bear, her cindalella, and always asks for a sippy of water. I think she asks for these things as an excuse to prolong us walking out of the room but its cute anyway :)
  • She talks so much. Repeats about anything we say.
  • this girl LOOOOOVES to be nakey. She is always taking off her clothes lol. Which i hear i did the same thing when i was little.
  • she is so polite with her please and thank yours and even says sorry if i say ouch.
  • Her imagination is really starting to pick up
  • She LOVES her ka-yee, baby hope, and kaibree. She asks for them every day she wakes up
  • She always asks to go outside
  • She LOVES water. Needs to get used to deep water but she loves her floaties so in due time she will be a little fishy like her friend Preslie :)

  • Braylee loves the little mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. She also loves tinkerbell.
  • she loves dogs and her bubba cat
  • i think all her teeth are in
  • We are gonna start to really focus on potty training.
  • Her tantrums are better. She does really well and responds well with us counting to 3, and if we get to 3, we put her on time out. Although when she does have a is now at a new level with screetching. oh child.
i could go on and on and on about all of the wonderful things she does. She is such a joy and blessing to have. My little tiny peanut princess.

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