Thursday, June 9, 2011


the content in this post may be offensive or graphic.
read/view videos at your own risk

One of the major things i want to get out of my blog is making a difference. I talk about personal stuff and am very open about my life in hopes to touch others, to help others going through some of the same things. Not only do i talk about MY personal struggles, but i want to talk about controversial subjects that i feel strongly about. My sweet bloggy friend Sonya from shutter mama blog did a post on a subject that just fires me up. And that subject is ABORTION. Read her post HERE.

For those who cant handle the graphic stuff, watch this first video and not the rest
Abuse post found HERE

These are types of procedures..
not too graphic..
but still horrifying...

although this procedure is now illegal.. people are STILL doing this!

This video is just words in the beginning then gets pretty graphic and depressing

How can we make this illegal?!?!?!
its just WRONG!
sitting back and doing nothing will not fix this....
Will you take a stand??

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