Monday, May 9, 2011

Week recap in Phone pics :)

OH!! have you noticed how AWESOME my blog looks and how much more roomy it is!?
Shawntae@A Little King and I, is seriously THE BEST.
She is my blogger mentor and did a little make-over :)
thanks Shawn!!

This week was busy and this weekend was even busier with Jeff's birthday on May 7th along with my niece's bday also on the 7th, a baby shower on the 7th, and mothers day ont he 8th... pshew!
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wifey & Bray collage in ma car*baby Hope (wifey's baby)*arizona green tea aka new obsession*Bray in sand box*Bray eating sand lol*flat tire :( *fat belly :) *flower i got from mcdonalds for mothers day haha* me and wifey on Jeff's birthday. we are in love :) * Birthday boy! *Bray kickin back to end my mothers day* again, me and Bray ending mothers day the best way i know how.. with my daughter :)

please?? for mothers day?!
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