Sunday, May 22, 2011

Toddler bed already??!!

So one night while i was at work, my husband Jeff was getting Braylee settled for bed, laid her in her crib and was putting her clothes away, when Braylee started crawling out of her crib. He watched her to see if she could do it, and she did! He laughed about it, text me and told me about it, laid her back down for bed and went to bed himself. A little while later, over the monitor, Jeff heard the beep of Braylee's fan turning off, and knocking on the door. Braylee had crawled out of her crib again!

Time for the toddler bed!
But im not ready for it!

Ive been avoiding the toddler bed. Braylee has a 3 in one crib (crib, toddler bed, and head piece for an adult size bed). I knew that if we put it into a toddler bed, naps and bed time would get harder. Instead of putting her in her crib and her going right to sleep like she normally does, i knew she would be getting up to play. But it would be too dangerous to leave it as a crib. I didnt want her to be crawling out of it and fall and break a bone or hurt herself.
So Jeff put it as a toddler bed

When i got home from work, the curiosity was killing me! I could just picture her passed out on her floor by the door. So i had to go see. I snuck in her room and this is what i found...
I was trying SOOO hard not to laugh. I had to plug my nose and cover my mouth and try to hurry and run out before i bust up laughing. I dont even know why it was so funny. Probably because she looked like she had just come home from a hard day at work, plopped on her bed, and passed out.
 I had to fix her. She stayed asleep through it all.

The next morning Braylee woke up earlier than normal. Probably because in her crib, she would kinda wake up and just go back to sleep. In her toddler bed, she can get up and play
 She loves this new freedom.

The toddler bed actually isnt as bad as i had expected it to be. The first week of it, it took about 30 min longer for her to go to bed, and she would wake up at about 7am instead of 8:30 or 9:00am. But nap time was another story. Still not TOO bad, she just will play for about an hour before finally climbing into bed and taking her nap. And her first few naps only lasted about an hour instead of 2-3 hours like normal.
 (ps, these pics were taken the first day after converting it. We now have a toddler bed guard thing so she doesn't fall out of her bed, which she did once haha)

Its been about 2 weeks now with the toddler bed and she is going great with it. Will go right down for bed at night. Wakes up at her normal times. Naps are still sometimes a struggle but not bad at all. Sometimes she will go right down, other times she gets up and reads her books but will eventually crawl back into bed and take a nap.

Yesterday, we had a tote in her room because i am in the process of switching out winter clothes with summer clothes. Well braylee decided to push it over to her changing table, climb up, get her desitin, and smear it all over her crib and walls. It was all over her face too and her breath smelt like desitin. I read the tube and it said to contact poison control immediately. I panicked and called. The lady reassured me Braylee would be perfectly fine. Might just have some bad diarrhea. Luckily that never happened :)

Man, children can be such a handful, but i love every minute of it :)
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