Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things i love Thursdays!

Holy poop, im just loving life right now so ill try to not make this too long. :)

*i love how happy i am lately
*i love how supportive my husband is
*i love our best friends
*i love my wife
*I LOVE the little girls that i babysit
*and i love that they love bubbles

*i love how sweet my wifey's baby Hopelynn is

*i love how smiley this ONE month old baby is
*i love her eyes

*i love nap time

*i love that braylee is a diva

*i love messy faces

*i love taking pictures
*i love painting my toes
*i love dill pickles
*i love arizona green teas
*and i love chocolate eggs
(can you tell im hungry) lol
 *i love how happy and content Hopelynn is

 *i love the silly ways she sleeps
(she snores too :) cutest thing ever)

 *i love the weekends and that it is almost here
*i love the warmth and sunshine (we have had snow)
*i love wearing shorts and flip flops
*i love my mommy
*i love BEING a mommy

So happy soon to be mothers day on that note!

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