Monday, May 9, 2011

AMA Supercross 2011!

First off.. i have to apologise. My blogger dashboard has been stupid. i havent been able to view the blogs i follow sense like friday :(. Also, sorry if i dont get back to some of my new followers. I try to always check in with my new follweres but sometimes there isnt a link to your blog anywehre when i click on your profile. So if you'd like me to come check out your blog make sure you leave your blog url in a comment :)

(sorry about the gap with these pics.. my photoscape hasnt been working well either)
this week has been nothing but technical problems lol
So this is me and jeff at supercross in 2009(8 months prego), 2010, and 2011 :)

As i have mentioned in other posts.. i am OBSESSED with supercross and anything dirt bikes :). When i was like 13, i went with my sister to her husbands dirt bike races. I literally fell in love with the sport. The enviroment, the smells, the sounds, the rush, ahh just everything!

2011 supercross recap :)
let me introduce.......the riders!
this is James "bubba" Stewart.
aka, best rider of all time :) He is known for his "bubba scrub" and being the fastest supercross rider of all time. And im not just saying that cuz he is my fav. He literally is the fastest. I think he is the first black dude to ride professional 450 ama supercross. kinda cool :)
This is Ryan Villopoto
kinda the "rookie" of the sport. But he came out swingin this year
then there is Chad Reed
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This guy is my least fav. He rides dirty, whines when he doesnt win, he is just a goober. I KINDA like him, only cuz he has a cute family and i feel kinda bad for hims. He rode in Carmicheal's shadow for the longest time and right when Carmicheal retired, along came Stewart, so Reed never really got his "time to shine". Poor kid.

these guys are the 3 best riders of the 450 ama supercross riders.
Last year they were all out for injuries during the season :(
and Ryan Dungey
won supercross last year.
But this year they were all back and fighting harder than ever before!
 this year was INTENSE! I thought for sure that Stewart was going to win this year. But.... he didnt ride too well. Yea he is the fastest by far, no doubt about that, but he CRASHED and CRASHED, and CRASHED some more! SOOOOO frustrating. He has always been known to ride hard and crash hard but never THIS much! geeeeeeeeeeeer you guys dont even know how frustrating this season was! But Villopoto rode fast and smart. Reed did pretty good too. and Dungey held his own. It was a really close season which makes for a fun entertaining season.

in the end, Stewart crahed out the last 2 races of the year and gave it all away, Reed was close but no Cigar, and Villopoto took the ama 2011 supercross trophy :) Although i wanted Stewart to win so bad, i was rooting for Poto next in line :)

2011 Supercross Championship Points: 1. Ryan Villopoto, 338
2. Chad Reed, 334
3. Ryan Dungey, 328
4. James Stewart, 302
So disappointing that Stewart didnt even podium. :(
Ok, now that ive re-capped the season.... :)
This year we attended supercross again. Accept this year was the best cuz we went with friends and family. It was Stewart vs. Villopoto :)
 National Anthem... wifey style :)
 When me and Nikki get around each other, i dont know WHY, but we tend to kinda enter our own world haha. We get distracted and no one else exsists but us lol. This is why she is my wifey. No one else in my entire life has ever had this effect on me (besides my hubby and daughter). But even then, we kinda forget about our husbands too and kinda neglect them lol, poor guys :)
 NEEDLESS to say after seeing all these pics of us.. WE ARE FREAKING AWESOME!
(that last pic i was sad cuz Stewart lost and Nik was happy cuz Poto won) lol.
Im so excited for next year!!

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