Monday, May 30, 2011

Our week/weekend in phone pics

Well kidlettes..we are back in town!
i will do a post on our adventure another day
but for now, here is our phone pics

*Bray would rather play with the boys *one day at work (a crappy rainy day to be exact)i came out to my car and found those flowers in my car :) from my hubby, for no reason. he is super *my favorite breakfast. Peanut butter and bananas on wheat bread toast *me and kaibree (neighbor girl i babysit) *kaibree and Bray being monsters *my arms got fried from being out in the sun for 30 min. lame. *sad day *getting more sun before our annual vaycay *tiny bray in my big bed

Then our weekend getaway to St. George
*heading to st george *my niecies *me chillin like a villain watching disney movies lol *me waiting for din din *me and bray *miss ray of sunshine bray running from the camera *me and jeff after our hike *pretty st george *WHO FORGOT TO SUN BLOCK MY BACK! ouch :(

of course i will be doing a post on our adventure but i have alot of un-packing and things to do tonight and i have alot of blogging to catch up on so it might be a few days.



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