Monday, May 16, 2011

Our week in phone pics

i dont think i linked up last week.
not sure
but either way....

 *subway baffalo chicken sandwich on wheat=addicted *Bray and Kaibree at the home depot *snuggley baby Hope *tattoo i designed (no im not getting a tattoo, i just designed one) *ugh..i died, how cute is that! *got sunburned :( * punched jeff in the eye ;)..kidding..his eye just started bleeding out of no where *the girls looking confused about a tractor machine *driving to work. look at them toned arms :)

*being vain lol *snuggling with my princess saturday morning *bray jumping on the trampoline * me and my princess cruising the town * "progress" pic. cant complain i guess

Last week was a really depressing week. Jeff is going to be starting to work longer hours at his job due to summer arriving and selling more product. Plus he has a second job during the summer on saturdays spraying lawns. They fall behind because of the rain and so that calls for REALLLY long days at that job too. So he works 6 days a week, long hours, getting up early in the morning. And this week i worked all weekend and jeff was wore out from working and went to bed early so i really didnt get to see him at all till sunday. and i have to work tonight too. I hate this. Lets hope this week goes better.

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