Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Latest Randoms.....

I have too much catching up to do on blogging so here are just some random happening. (PS.. some of these images may be disturbing to some viewers)
on night, jeff woke up and his eye was hurting alot. 2 days later it looked like this. creepy huh? He got it looked at and the doc said he just broke a blood vessel in his eye. Most likely from heavy lifting at work. Its hard to talk to him cuz you end up just staring at his eye and not listening.

egg whites on wheat bread toast. yum. Oh and thats just my fat lion cat :) he weighs like 15 pounds lol.
oh come on..its a baby... its cute. and funny

 ok on to a little vent session. I know this is very normal but MY CHILD IS SOOOO PICKY with food lately! Sometimes she will eat everything. Sometimes she will eat hot dogs, sometimes mac and cheese, and sometimes.....she will ONLY eat yogurt. Like all day.
 Braylee is already skinny as it is. She has her fathers metabolism. She is 23 months and weighs 22 pounds. She is VERY active. I heard on a gerber baby advertisment that nutrition in the first few years has a huge impact on their development for their entire life. Soooo... to fill all the holes... Bray drinks these..
 She has her very own shelf in the fridge..
 and her very own shelf in the pantry

 On to more randomness
Isnt miss Hopelynn cute?! She is so smiley! and only 2 months old! I remember Bray was really smiley at an early age too... they are just happy girls!
 Miss Makaibree. She is so freaking adorable too.
The latest on her that i am completely loving is that she has become to cuddley with me. When her dad comes to pick her up she cries and reaches for me and wants to stay lol. It just makes me feel good knowing she likes to be here as much as we like babysitting her and having a play day. Braylee is a good friend to her too.

Im sure there will be more randomness coming soon

and ill leave you with this lovely parting gift
your welcome
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