Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hubby Thursdays!

Ive been meaning to link up to this but forget :( Well today i am doing it! First off... go link up! Olga is the most gorgeous prego i ever did see  and has the cutest little family! You should also follow her blog . At least i recommend it :)
Ok, so this week is a freebee

I think that sometimes when we become parents, we get so involved in taking care of the kids and feeding them and dressing them and buying clothes, diapers, formula, food, are their shots up to date, when is there next well appt, are they happy, Easter, Christmas, birthdays (5 months away and already planning), playing with them, spoiling them, lahdee dahdee dah, that we become "disconnected" or not as close to our spouse. The dates slow down or come to a stop completely, there isnt any more time or your never in the mood for "marital time" (oh yes, i went there).

Its SO important to not neglect these times to reconnect and bond with your spouse. GO on dates. Get a babysitter or me and Jeff even just take Bray with us most the time, its better than nothing. Dont neglect "marital time". Its so important in a marriage in so many ways.

Anyway, enough with the pep talk :)
Lets talk about hubby.
Go HERE for our full story
We started dating in February 2006. when i was 16, he was 17.
I was the good girl who fell for the bad boy lol. (must have been the tattoos)

We got married November 10th 2007

 I cant even express how much i love this man. He is so good to me. He tells me im beautiful every day. He always expresses how much he loves me and wants to grow old with me and how he couldnt live without me. He spoils me, he listens to all my non verbal expressions of frustration. He accepts me for who i am. He loves my "mommy body" He doesnt just say im beautiful, he makes me feel beautiful.

On top of that he is SUCH an amazing daddy. He is so involved and i dont even have to ask him to be. He always puts me and Braylee first.

Jeff's hobby is riding dirt bikes

um..... yea he is sexy :)
i LOVE this man.

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