Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Going Anorexic??

So as many of you know.. for 3 months, working out regularly, eating right, the whole works, i lost NO weight. Found out i had a thyroid problem. Got on meds. Well i am cracking down on loosing this baby weight. I started the INSANITY program. 6 days a week, INTENSE cardio workouts. POURING sweat, not even exaggerating. The first week i ate normal, counted calories, was eating between 1200-1500, lost no weight. Then i heard when you are working out that intensely and dont eat enough calories your body goes into starvation mode and stores instead of burns fat. So the second week i upped my calories to about 1700-2000, and lost 2 pounds that week. Third week, doing the same thing, lost nothing. So i had my thyroid re-checked, its normal.

So i went to see my doc and he told me to try this 3 day diet. But he wants me to do it for 2 weeks and check back with him then. And wow... i feel anorexic sometimes. I eat about 700-800 ish calories. So i guess now ill try a low calorie diet.

Here is what i ate the last 3 days
First i had my last unhealthy meal

the next day we got down to business yo.

keep in mind. Im being very for real here.
my DOCTOR, told me to do this diet

i had to work this day and forgot to take a picture of my breakfast
Monday: so there is my lunch and dinner. lunch i had toast with TUNA on top. Check it people. CHRISTA HATES fish! It took me about 10 minutes to finally put it in my mouth and the entire time all i could think about was scales and fish bones and fish poop and guts and it was HORRIBLE. Then for dinner i had a cup of carrots, a cup of green bean, an apple, and chicken. about 717 calories that day. I felt sick, weak, nauseated, and tired that day. But somehow i made it through my workout that night.

 Tuesday i had toast, an egg, and half a banana. For lunch i had 5 saltine crackers and a cup of cottage cheese. Dinner i had a cup of carrots, cup of broccoli, and 2 hot dogs. What diet allows hot dogs?? but hey i wasnt complaining. I cheated on my diet a little this day but still only had 944 calories.
Today, Wednesday, i had 5 saltine crackers, cheese (braylee ate most of that cheese lol) and an apple. Lunch i had a slice of bread, and a hard boiled egg. are we for real?? i was starving by the time it was dinner, and my tummy was so shrunk and small, and i SOMEHOW had to choke down a cup of carrots, a cup of broccoli, and a cup of chicken (learned i could substitute chicken for tuna lol). THATS ALOT OF FOOD YO for a tiny shrunk down tummy. So that is 599 calories..
but i cheated a little and had an Arizona green tea with ginseng and honey, a few extra crackers, and bite of cottage cheese. So total of 848 (that was mostly the green tea lol).

Guess what people! i lost a whole pound in 3 days! big woop. thats like.. a poop. i eat hardly anything for 3 days (granted tomorrow morning will be my final weigh in), work my butt off still, and loose one pound? That i will probably just gain back? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH <------FRUSTRATION!

im going anorexic
actually not really cuz i bet i will gian weight from eating AIR.
(shaking my head)
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