Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get fit/Get healthy week 7&8

BLA BLA BLA!!!! i hate even posting about this cuz i never have any results for you. i missed last week.. but for something fun, and to document my hard work.. here are some sweaty pics from the first 15 min of doing insanity :)
yep. 15 minutes guys. and thats just the warm up!

Then, when im done, i fall on the floor and die.
ive talked about this before but im gonna say it again. I hate when i hear people say "i dont have time to workout" Well do you have time to watch american idol? Do you have time to take 30 min showers? Do you have time to sleep longer than 8hrs a night?
Loosing weight is all about sacrifice. You have to work hard for what you want.
Put down the doughnuts and chips that offer you NO nutritional value and eat a banana, some carrots with hummus. Drink water instead of soda. Add crystal light if you hate water.
Instead of taking a 30 min shower, take a 15 min shower and get in a simple 15 min workout. Do sit ups/push ups before bed. Every effort counts. Wake up a little earlier.

I work out at night when the family is in bed. On the days that i work i get home at 9:30pm and need to be in bed by 10:15pm to get a full 8hrs sleep at night (get up at 6:15am to babysit). And my workouts are about 45 min-1 hour long. So yea im rushing and squeezing workouts in but i do it. I work out 6 days a week doing INSANITY. NOT ONLY do i do this.. i do this with a thyroid problem and have not lost any weight in almost 6 months. Obviously the pictures prove i get results but its hard to stay motivated when the scale doesnt move in so long. (ps i go to a specialist in june). Bottom line, working out makes me feel good. i feel strong. i sleep good. im so happy. i just love it :)

"Progress pics from insanity"

yea its embarrasing to show the "before" and i know people can laugh at me and poke fun but guess what.. obviously im not worried about it hense why i post it and you can FO :) i gained 60 pounds when i was pregnant due to high blood pressure and i work hard. With my thyroid issue i have to work even harder.

and i may not be loosing weight.. but holy muscle tone that i have never had before in my life!

haha dont mind my baby arms.. i just have to point out i wasn't even flexing my arms lol.

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