Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get Fit get Healthy..week 5&6

Before i get into talking about my fat bum, i have a request! My blogger dashboard has not worked in 2 WEEKS! it came back for one day last week and is gone again. So i cant view any of the blogs i follow on my dash board and cant go visit them :( So if you could please "like" my blog FB page found HERE, with your blog or comment with a link to your blog so i can "like" you back! that would be awesome! Then i can get to your blogs that way. And also, if you are a new follower and would like a follow back, make sure you leave  a comment with your URL address :)

Ok on to chubby talk :)

Its been hard for me to WANT to post about this because the last 2 weeks have been a big block. ive been so frustrated and lost my will to even try.

This was the start of my INSANITY workout block. I lost my drive. I had only lost 2 pounds in 5 weeks, so i had my thyroid re-checked, and it was in "normal" range with my medication so my doctor put me on  a "3 day diet" (read about it HERE), but i was to do it for 2 weeks. In a nut shell it was a low calorie diet (700-1000). I only lost 1 pound this week making a total of 3 pounds in 5 weeks. wtf?? So anyway here are "progress pics" from that week
dont be alarmed... your eye sight is still good. There is NO progress

This week was just BAD. I skipped 2 workouts, and even when i did workout, i would just have break downs and cry. Do you know how frustrating it is to bust your A, sweat buckets of sweat, 6 days a week, and get no results!? To top it off.. this week i dropped the low calorie diet, and my body STORED like crazy. I know that isnt surprising. If you arent getting enough calories and burning as many calories as i do, no kidding my body is going to go into starvation mode and store. So yea i gained 5 pounds this week. Hence why my workouts were so frustrating and i had no drive.

I didnt even take pictures cuz i felt bloated and nasty.. but i took some sunday night when i was feeling a little better and felt like my body was back to normal instead of storing everything. I lost 2 pound.. so that leaves me back to where i started with this workout :( oh well at least we are back to loosing and not gaining. (ps.. i am seeing a specialist for my thyroid in june.. and i am done with my doctor. what retarded doctor puts someone on a diet that specifically says on its web page that it is not healthy, not recommended, and should never be done for more than 3 days??) anyway. here are my "progress pics". which there is progress cuz i lost all the bloating.. but it looks the same as last week lol

i took this pic with no flash to show that i am getting some definition finally...
dont mind my extra skin roll in the left picture lol :(
one day ill fix it

read about the start of INSANITY HERE
and beginning results pics HERE

Not to spoil week 7's post, but i will say now that it will be a much more positive post. I got my mojo back :)
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