Sunday, May 1, 2011

Get fit Get healthy week4

Height: 5'7
Weight: NOT disclosing this lovely piece of information. No progress this week :( so after 4 weeks im still only 2 pounds down
Your fitness challenge for the week: Continuing INSANITY
Your health challenge for the week: i need to do something different in my diet. I went back to my doc and he suggested a diet for me so ill try it and let you know how it goes next week
How did it go: i dont even know. i am so distraught that i just dont know. i dont feel like i eat bad but obviously something needs to change.
Failures and Slip-ups: ugh... this week i missed a workout. my first one. i felt SO sick inside. It was just a recovery workout but still. and the next day i had 2 workout but just the fact that i missed one makes me so sad.

i see non this week :(
mostly cuz im working my BUTT OFF!
im sore every day. im tired all the time. during my workouts i sweat 5 gallons of sweat
for what??
It just isnt fair. it isnt fair that i work so hard and other people sit on their butt and are twigs.

and this week i decided to take a full body shot for the heck of it
Honestly. im happy with myself. for the most part.
Obviously i have ALOT more work to do but i cant complain.

The only thing that is hard is not feeling like myself. I dont know this body that i have. I want my body that i had before Braylee. I know that i will never have that body again without plastic surgery but im not necessarily trying to get my old body back. I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin. Im tired of looking like im pregnant when im not. Im so scared for this summer where i cant wear hoodies and hide my nasty stomach. Im going to cry each time someone asks me how far along i am.

lets hope this new diet helps.
we like positive words
and votes :)
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