Monday, May 23, 2011

For every little miracle....

I was contacted by Pampers diapers about this campaign and of course i wanted to be a part of it! Im sure you have all seen the advertisement but if you haven't... here it is (turn off music at the bottom)
In the youtube description it says "Join us in helping families and babies everywhere through Little Miracle Missions on Facebook. Pampers encourages you to do a small, helpful act for a friend or parent in need and share it on Facebook".
Find the facebook link HERE
And it got me thinking.. i already do this! Not that that these guys are "in need" but i know it helps tremendously. I have many soft spots, and one of those soft spots is helping others. And the biggest way i do this is babysitting. I am lucky enough to only have to work 2 days a week. But even if i didnt NEED to i would want to for my sanity :). I have been babysitting my niece sense she was 6 weeks old. I baby sat a cute little boy named Tayson for a while, then started babysitting my neighbor's adorable little girl named Makaibree, and now my best friend's little month old daughter named Hope.

 I seriously love these little girls with all my heart. I get SO attached to them and would do anything for them. Sometimes i feel so unproductive and sometime worthless, like i need to work more. But then i get to thinking about it, and there is nothing that i want more than to be home with Braylee. And that by me being home i am able to help my friends and family and save them SOOOOO much money! Daycare is RIDICULOUS! whats the point of even working if the first place if half your check goes to day care?! And i know it makes them feel even better knowing that their children, their entire world, is going to a babysitter who loves them to death. I seriously tear up just talking about it.
 (Kallee and Bray)

And they help me out just as much as i know i help them. Helping my friends and family helps me feel productive. They keep me company during the day. They make me smile and laugh and just feel so good about life. I love teaching them things and watch them grow and learn. Braylee has friends to play with. On the weekends she wakes up trying to find and asking for "Ka-yee, and "taybee" and "baby/Ope-in". She gets so happy and excited when she sees them.
I cant even begin to describe how happy i am. Everything is just perfect. I am loving and living life to the fullest!
So anyway, i think this pampers campaign is great! And i encourage you to go to their facebook page and accept one of their "missions" and do your part in helping others! plus.. you could win a year supply of diapers and wipes! Fantastic right?!

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