Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Day!

Continuation on all my other Easter posts....

So after Braylee did her little Easter hunt, its tradition that the whole family goes to church with my mumsie bum. She enjoys having all of us there. After that we went to my mom's house for a little Easter egg hunt and dinner. And boy does my mom sure make some BOMB.COM dinners :)

 My mom has always had a green thumb and has the prettiest flowers!

 all my nieces. My nephew came later for din din
 frolicking :)

 LOVE the flowers
 getting ready for the hunt. My room was the princess room at the top with the rocks around the window :) i miss being young and irresponsible lol

 finding eggs

 Bray found one and was done. she opened it and was eating the jelly beans out of the dirt :)
 me and the hubs

I am officially loving Easter and watching bray find eggs. Make me even more excited for her birthday and Christmas :)
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