Saturday, May 14, 2011

Defiant, Rebellious, devil child...

First off....
i never thought this day would arrive!
at least not this fast. i thought i might hit that mark in like 1-2 years
so hello new friends!

I feel like i need to do something special
but i dont know what!
maybe a giveaway?? any ideas??

with blogger being down, on top of me being behind on blogging.. i have alot of catching up to do!
Ok, back to my devil child ;)
if that aint a guilty face, i dont know what is...

Braylee is LOVING to push my buttons lately. She KNOWS when she isnt supposed to be doing something. Before she even does it she'll look at me, and SLOOOOWLY start doing what she isnt supposed to be doing. Then ill say "no no Braylee" and she'll give me this sly little mischief smile and keep doing it! Or she'll yell at me "NO MOM!" or "STOP IT" and keep doing what she is doing! Little ert! (ert is code for poop. We try not to use choice language around her. try being the key word)

Now this is the dilemma i am running in to. Now im not saying this is bad, everyone parents differently. And im NOT saying i never have either. But i dont like to spank, or slap her hand, or anything physical. I want to be able to TELL her no and have her listen. Or ASK her to stop what she is doing. Physical intervention (even if its just me taking her off the table etc) is my last resort. I would SO much rather be able to just ask "please get off the table" and have her listen.

Well we are struggling with this. She LIKES to push her limits. She LIKES to test her boundaries!

Here is a real scenario.. that i took pictures throughout lol
 "Braylee, please dont climb on the back of the couch hunnie" "please leave the blinds alone too"
(we struggle with the blind thing ALL day!)
 "Braaaaayleeeeee.... leave the blinds alone... (she pulls on them)" "Thank you sweety" "wait, no.. Braylee, leave the blinds alone... "
 "uh....yea dont eat the string either..." (please note her mischievous looks on her face)
"Braylee you are REALLY getting on my nerves!"
(as she runs to the other side of the couch to pout..fakely might i add. i love her little fake pout/cry)
 in this picture i am trying to explain that she needs to listen to mommy and be a good girl. She is CLEARLY ignoring me. (shoot self in head lol.) in one ear, out the other.

 "Braylee for real?? You know i dont like you climbing on the back of the couch..remember when you fell and got hurt?? What is your deal today child??"
aaaaaaaand.... we are back to the string.


Any advice here??

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