Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birthdays&Mothers day...whaaaa??

Its true guys. Im posting about Jeff's birthday that was on May 7th, and mothers day that was on May 8th. IM SO BEHIND! and blogger being ridiculous didnt help! So sorry if i post over load.. plus didnt you hear?! The end of the world is coming on Saturday ;) haha if you haven't heard, go google it. So silly. Just like when that one calendar ended last year. Anyway... back on topic.

This year i was kinda sad on Jeff's birthday. Birthdays have never been a big thing in Jeff's family but in my family, birthdays last like 3 days and go all out. And i always spoil my hubby on his bday with breakfast in bed.. pampering him all day.. the works! I like him to feel special. Well this year, Jeff's birthday landed on a Saturday, and Jeff sprays lawns on saturdays during the summer. So he worked ALL day. 5am-5pm. But my adorable niece shares the same birthday as Jeff so i got to go celebrate her day. But it all wasnt so bad cuz when he FINALLY got home, we did jeff's bday the IDEAL way. Watching SUPERCROSS at our best friends house :)
 haha look at Hope mean muggin Casey lol.
we are in love..dont even worry about it :)
 Nikki's tan leg, my white leg
 in our own world as usual
 cuddling watching supercross was an intense race
 time to go... sad day!

Then on sunday we celebrated Jeff's bday and Audrie's bday with the family along with mothers day!
 Bray loves her Papa (my dad)
 Birthday kids..
exactly 20 years apart
Jeff 23, Audrie 3
When we got back home Jeff had to "go get something" at my sisters house. So i ended my mothers day the best way... with my baby princess
 Read our night night story
 Sweet dreams my precious baby girl
You are the best thing to ever happen to me :)
(aside from jeff)

Then i went down stairs and found this!
 im so excited about it! i have been wanting a bike trailer for the longest time!

Words can NOT even express the joy of being a mother. I had the best role model growing up. My mom taught us great values and high standards and was the greatest example. When i think about my mom and childhood i think of yummy cookies and pies baking in the oven, the aroma of bread in the house. All our holiday traditions. The immense amount of love my mother had for us. And now i get to be that role model for Braylee. I tear up just thinking about the shoes i have to fill in being just as amazing as a mom that my mother was for me. Now that i have Braylee, I understand just how much my mom loved me. Its a love that you truly cant explain.

Happy Mothers day to all you moms!
even though it was forever ago ;)

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