Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Best Friends...

Braylee (my daughter) and Makaibree (a girl i babysit)
 have not always been the best of friends.
When i first started watching Kaibree, Braylee was horrible. She wouldnt share ANYTHING. Not even the toys she wasn't playing with. Any toy Makaibree touched, Braylee would FREAK out and panic and cry. It was ridiculous lol. When ever i would hold Kaibree, Bray would flip out. If i babied Kaibree, Bray got SO jealous. She even started to yell at her, get protective, push, it was like she was adjusting to a new sibling!
But all that is a thing of the past!
Braylee got over it fast. The are the best of friends now. Whenever i get Bray up and Kaibree is here, Bray gets the biggest smile and laughs and says "taybee!" Last Tuesday (yea thats how behind i am on blogging), the first thing Braylee did was run up and give her hug after hug.
 They are too adorable together
 they LOVE to be outside

 (theme song of the hang over)
"Were the 2 best friends that anyone could have"
Hangover 3 Best Friends Song Sound Clip and Quote
ps... i love spring.
Bray loves her daddy. And i love how good of a daddy he is :)
so vain ;)
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