Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beauty & the Beast shall die!!!

i, Christa Ann, am SOOOOO sick of the disney movie Beauty & the Beast!!
 and its sad cuz its one of my favorites :(

My daughter is SOOO obsessed with this movie!
Cinderella was her favorite disney princess. She also loves Tinkerbell.
Well once she discovered the movie Beauty and the Beast, she is OBSESSED with it. We dont own Cinderella or many other "princess" movies but so far this is her favorite
Oh this is just another example of my defiant child. She loves swinging in the baby swing. I ask her not to and she does it anyway. She will listen to me and get out of it after i ask a few times but she HAS to sit in it before she listens to me. Little terd. haha good thing i love her more than life itself.
 and THIS is the back round of almost all the photos i take. "Belle" is watched/back round noise about 3 times a day. When she wakes up, after her nap, and sometimes one last time before bed.
 She only pays attention to it for about 5 minutes then is running around playing and coloring and whatever else my crazy hyper active child does but she HAS to have the movie playing. Sometimes she will watch it while playing (or swinging a bucket).
i cant wait till she is obsessed with a new movie.

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