Wednesday, April 20, 2011

this is MY blog......

If you dont like what i say or do on my blog then DONT read my blog. simple as that. This is MY blog, MY journal. MY therapy....

Your really going to tell me that if i see abuse i shouldnt say anything about it?? Your really going to tell me that i have to keep all that bottled up??

Yea i publicly talked about abuse..what is so wrong about that? i publicly talk about EVERYTHING in my life. all my struggles. all my personal life situations.. So why cant i blog about my experiences with dealing with abuse?
I blogged about my separation period with my husband.. my past eating disorders.. my weight loss and post embarrassing why cant i talk about dealing with abuse?

The examples i used made no connection to the person i was talking about. I kept their identity anonymous. So how was i in the wrong?

That is some hefty information to keep bottled up.... it was eating at me.

so in conclusion...
dont come here to my blog if you dont like what i say
k thanks :)
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