Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Seriously WHERE has my baby gone???

Braylee now a days is just getting too big. She is talking so much and is at that point where she will try to say anything you tell her to say. We will say "Braylee say Cinderella", and she will repeat "CINDALLELLA", (her current favorite Disney princess). Braylee say Tinkerbell.... "ba pa pa" hahah that one is my favorite cuz it makes no sense except that she gets the syllables right.

Lately her imagination has taken bloom :). Ill find her playing with toys and like talking and walk the toy along the couch.

I got her the Cinderella figurine for her Easter basket... SHHHH dont tell her ;)
she is going to be excited.

Braylee is learning to use her words instead of cry or whine and im LOVING it! She will run to the fridge and ask for an orange or yogurt or juice. She'll ask for a sippy. She will point at something she wants and say "PEAS....PEAS...." (please). Then when you give it to her she says "tank ooo", (thank you), but she ALWAYS whispers thank you and says it fast. Its so funny. Or when she needs something she will say "hewp....hewp me..." (help me). She just warms my heart.

I love watching her grow and play and explore. I cant even express how rewarding it is being a mother.

I hope to one day add another blessing to our family and give Braylee a sibling and playmate but if it never happens i can not complain with the amazing little ball of sunshine that i have already been blessed with.
Life is amazing.
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