Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday :)

Photography love...

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First off id like to apologise. This scavenger hunt was very scatter brained and had too many ideas. Plus, here in Utah we have been enjoying this....

yes, SNOW in APRIL! what....the.... H-E double hockey sticks..
So today was the first sunny warm day in over a week so today i was just so happy and full of life and just kept a snappin away... so yes, i apologise

 or what GETS you in motion :)
 Bubba the lion cat in motion enjoying the sun (he is an inside cat and sometime comes out onto the porch for about 30 seconds before running back inside).
Braylee is ALWAYS in motion

Waiting to click:
When you have a child i think you are always "waiting to click" to get the picture where they are actually LOOKING and smiling :)

or lack of! Now that im a mommy, i wear knock off ugg boots
and i wouldnt change it for a thing :)

Animals Perspective:

Maybe this sunny weather and my cheery mood had a play in this but the way i took this subject of this scavenger hunt is that i have "many" or have much. I think we get so caught up in worldly things and wanting more money, more material things, that we dont realize how much we are truly blessed with.
Braylee has many books and many bows......

Many shoes....

and many toes :)

Happy Sunday to you all!
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