Monday, April 25, 2011

say my little friend :)

So as most of you know, i babysit a couple little girls. My niece Kallee who is 3, and a little neighbor girl Makaibree who is 16 months.

As i have expressed before, i really enjoy babysitting the little girls that i babysit. They are so dang cute and bring me so much happiness. I get to be home with Braylee and feel productive by helping my friends and family. I wake up each morning feeling happy and productive. I couldnt be any more blessed. I have a loving supportive husband who takes such good care of me, and a beautiful perfect baby girl.
Sorry today, as most days, i am just so overwhelmingly happy..

back on subject..
Well you are going to be seeing alot of pictures on my blog of someone new :) So i figured i better introduce her.
 This is miss Hopelynn Marie. Or as Braylee likes to call her, this is Pope/Lynn Lynn :)
She is one month old
If you saw the newborn pics i recently did this is the little model. She is the daughter to my best friend and wifey, Nikki.

So last week i started babysitting her and i cant even express what a joy she is. She is the easiest newborn i have ever encountered besides my niece Kallee whom i started babysitting at 6 weeks old. Ok ok so maybe Kallee and Hope are the ONLY newborns i have babysat lol. Braylee was a HARD new born. She was backwards with her nights after 2 nights of having her home. She had colic and if she was awake she was crying. I dont know how i survived the newborn stage with Braylee. I owe my sister Becky a lot for the help she gave me. If you new to  my blog, me and my husband Jeff separated when Braylee was 2 months old and got back together when she was about 5 months old. As soon as Braylee was done with the colic thing she a happy chubby baby and still is so full of life and so happy. Sleeps from 8pm till 9am. Takes awesome naps etc.
Anyway...back on subject.
This little girl is a ball of sunshine and happiness. We love having her.
Braylee LOVES Hope. She loves to help and is just so curious. She will walk around with her baby dolls bouncing them in her arms saying "shh shh, own cwy..(dont cry)". I dont know where she learned that cuz Hope never cries lol.
This girl loves being nakey. I lay her on the floor and she kicks and plays and smiles and is so curious of her surroundings.

 You get that diaper off... and she smiles even more

 loves tummy time

I have to share this. On one of the days that i had Hope, Makaibree was here also. Jeff came home from work and i REALLY needed to shower :). So Jeff offered to keep an eye on the girls while i showered. I kept asking if he'd be ok with both girls (Bray was napping). He said he'd be fine. So i hopped in the shower. I took the fastest shower known to man cuz i was worried that he'd be overwhelmed with both girls being awake. Well as soon as i got done, i was walking down stairs and heard no crying so i figured all was well.. i came down and found Hope asleep like this....
 Now i know this is no big deal but i was so proud that he remembered how to swaddle a baby! He laughed at me saying it hasnt been THAT long that Bray was this small.

Jeff did good :)

I hope you all are prepared for the millions of pictures of miss Pope/Lynn Lynn
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