Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Happenings....

So i am still way behind on my blog so im just gonna throw a bunch of random stuff in here.. Basically a "our month or so in cell phone and crappy camera pics" edition :)

Me and Bray went to Disney on ice with my parents and nieces... Bray did really good, i was nervous
Hangin out with our best friends.. Nikki was about to pop (had her baby a week ago, this is how behind i am..)
 Me and my Wifey, we gangsta
 This is us and my family out to dinner on St. Patricks day which is also my baby brothers birthday. He just turned 18
 One saturday i was at work and daddy took Bray to a place called "jump on it". Basically its a place filled with trampolines and blow up slides and foam pits lol

Yay to slowly catching up.
Now i am off to work.......

Have a good weekend!!!

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