Sunday, April 3, 2011

Partay Partay!

I dont have many followers but i have recently had many new followers so i figured i'd join in on the party! Besides... i like parties :)
My name is Christa Ann, and im 21 years old. I have a "blended" family (his hers and ours). 5 older siblings and 2 younger. My dad had 3 kids from a previous marriage and my mom had 2. They got married and had me, my little sister, and my little bro. I grew up  in S.L.C Utah in the GHETTO. Drive by shootings were a regular. We were CONSTANTLY painting over gang graffiti for this sweet little old lady that lived in  a white house 2 houses away. But besides all that we were raised in a very religous home. LDS to be exact. And i still have all my same beliefs i just might not be the greatest example but i try. Im a gemini so there are 2 sides to me. The shy, quiet, closed off person and the loud, outgoing, fun person. I consider myself well balanced :) I love being a mommy, im obsessed with the color pink, victoria's secret, and dirt bikes. I have a new love for photography and blogging.

Then i met this guy when i was 16. He was my first boyfriend, my first true love, my first everything. And then i married him :) On November 10th 2007. Jeff is the most outgoing caring person i know.

(4 days old)
Then we had this little peanut princess on June 23rd 2009. She was 5 pounds 15oz, 17.5 inches (head was 10th %tile) So yes she was TINY itty bitty. Hense why i call her my peanut princess :). She is seriously the BEST thing to happen to me and Jeff.
Braylee is just like her father. She has his beautiful eyes and LONG eye lashes. His outgoing thrill seeking personality. His temperment, his apetite, his sleep needs. She is just Jeff jr all around. But she is also a gemini like me and is well rounded. She is a mama's girl but also a daddy's girl. She is always playing and laughing. I love absolutely love her.

So thats me in a nutshell :)
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