Friday, April 22, 2011

Mama in Focus-LEM challenge

Man, this week has been crazy. So negative. Between having my credit card information stolen and used and being harassed over me standing up for a good cause (Abuse). So on that note, (my comments made me want to add this in here) there has been alot of drama in the blogesphere lately with rude anonymous comments being made. Although mine wasnt anonymous.. who the [insert bad word] says horrible things about a miscarriage. The loss of a child. Im crazy cuz i dug though my miscarriage blood to find my fetus???? WHO SAYS THAT!!! Especially when i just misscarried a month ago and am still trying to emotionally heal. yea that REALLY proves you arent an abusive person. Dont STALK my blog and read about my personal challenges and throw them in my face. Im open about hard trials to make use of my hard time and to help someone out who is going through the same thing. people just suck! miserable abusive people just want to make others hurt the way they do and thats all there is to it. Im sick of everyone around here being harassed over blog posts. Get over it anonymous people! and have the balls to say who you are. blogs are personal journals to talk about whatever the freak you want. Dont read blogs if you dont like it.

 Ive just been feeling pretty low and that is not normal for me.

So this post helped me cuz i got to looking through pictures of me and my daughter and it just makes me happy. It amazed me how just seeing my princess makes me instantly overwhelmingly happy. Also on a happy note, i have some pretty awesome supportive friends and family. Even in the blogesphere. I am so thankful for the people in my life and i DO NOT regret cutting out the negative AT ALL. All i have to say is good people are surrounded by good people. And karma is my best friend right now.

One Day At A Time

This weeks challenge was a freebie
This isnt a new set of pictures but its one of my favorites lately

Also, LEM photo challenge- Easter
this is a picture from an Easter session i recently did

I am pretty excited about Easter this weekend. Last year braylee just wanted to eat the eggs that were "hidden", or shall i say, scattered across the floor. This year she will have more fun with it :)

Yay for my perfect happy life :)
and we love happy votes :)
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