Monday, April 11, 2011

iheart faces & the daily life of us

iheartfaces photo challenge (shadows)
Can i just express how much i enjoy my life! I am so truly blessed in so many ways. I have such a supportive Husband who is such an amazing daddy. I seriously couldnt ask more of him. I am so privileged to only have to work 2 days a week and be home with my baby girl. I love babysitting my niece and little neighbor girl and soon to be babysitting my baby princess Hopelynn (my wifey's new baby). I get the best of both worlds, being home with my daughter, and feeling productive by helping my friends and family out.

Now for some annoying news. Got the results back on getting my thyroid checked again.. apparently my levels are normal. GRRRR.... then why have i not lost weight in 3 weeks of working out and watching what i eat? and this last week i started INSANITY (working out INTENSELY, dripping sweat, for 40 min, 6 days a week) and only ate like 1,000-1,500 cals a day. Only had fast food once (panda express). Everyone has got to have a cheat day :). i drink SOOO much water, poop regularly <--haha sorry i had to say it. I eat 3 square meals, lots of fruits, veggies, etc. This is so frustrating :(

i think i might go see a endocrinologist if i dont loose any weight this next week.

Anyway... enough venting :)
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