Friday, April 29, 2011

i AM beautiful...

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Sometimes it sucks being a girl. There is so much pressure from your peers, media, magazines, tv, etc. We get so bogged down with trying to have our hair perfect, our makeup perfect, the perfect clothes, the perfect body, that we beat ourselves up more than lift ourselves up.

We get ready for the day, might be feeling good, but then go somewhere and see what other girls are wearing and think, wow i feel like an idot now compared to how cute she look.

We spend so much time wishing we had her nose, or this other girls eye brows, or her eyes, her legs, her butt. But we hardly ever say "i love my nose, i love my lips" etc.

Im not perfect by all means. I have MANY flaws. But life isnt about stressing about the flaws. We all have them. One of my major issues with myself is my body after pregnancy. But that i can change. So i work my butt off because there is nothing wrong with wanting to be fit and healthy. But sitting around complaining wont get me anywhere. I have never just sat and complained.
But some things we CANT change (without plastic surgery). And we need to learn to just love our flaws. Life is too short to live it being unhappy. Who cares if your nose isnt straight. Who cares if i have a huge black man bottom lip. People will always try to break you down, especially girls, and the one thing they know that will get to a girl is to point out a flaw and make fun. Dont let them break you. Embrace your beauty. I HONESLTY dont think it is possible for someone to not be beautiful. Everyone has their tastes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So realize you ARE beautiful and flaunt it!
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