Monday, April 4, 2011

Get fit/get healthy challenge: week 2

Oh man i am already sucking at this :) As far as posting each week

So here i am... week 2 :)

This week i was just getting back into the game so i did only cardio (my exercise bike sense my knees are broken...not literally i just have REALLY bad knees). I keep track of all my workouts in a journal to keep me motivated and visually see how much i worked out that week so if i only see 2 days it makes me want to fit at least one more workout in that week.

I also REALLY focused on eating good. I dont do DIETS cuz they are depression but i probably only consumed about 1000-1500 cals each day... if that. I ate lots of fruts and veggies and drank lots of water. And started a green tea metabolism booster pill called mega-T. It claims you'll loose up to 20 pounds..

So  my workouts went as follows:
  • Sunday: 7.2 miles (30 min)
  • Tuesday: 4.5 miles (17 min)-this was my million tubes of blood drawn day & rhogam shot=NO energy
  • Wednesday: 7.5 miles (30 min)

Then i got lazy the rest of the week and was super busy with work, a couple photo sessions, and MAJOR editing :)

WEIGHT LOSS: Oh none of course. WTF!!!!!!!!!???????
                            I lost about 5 pounds after i miscarried
                            but i havent lost any weight sense i started my workout

                            story of my life :(
                            i made another appt to get my thyroid re-checked
                            and possibly change my medication dose

Progress pic-
i dont even know why im posting this but whatev lol
yellow pants=week one
white pants=week2

This week im going to add some weight routines (Jillian Michael's) with my cardio routine and continue to eat healthy. i MIGHT be starting insanity soon. i have to buy it first :)

Anyway i guess ill end with some advice. Whenever i complain about him much weight ive gained or whatever else i worry that people view me as lazy. I dont want to be viewed as one of those people that sits around complaining and never does anything about it. i have NEVER been that person. I have always worked for what i want (i just dont get results)
So here is my advice:
seriously... if you have an issue with your body then fix it! dont sit around wishing and complaining. STOP going to mcdonalds and eating out all the time if you do. STOP drinking soda. STOP over eating. Or start by limiting your indulgences. I dont care how busy of a person you are with kids, work, school, 2 jobs always have time to fit in a 30 min workout. If you have time to facebook, blog, hang out with friends, watch american idol or whatever show you like then you have time to get in a 30 min workout. EVEN 15 min! Make a goal to do 50 sit ups each night. Whatever works for you. Every effort you make counts you just cant give up! i used to have that problem. I would start a workout routine, get no results, and quit. You cant give up. For the last 4 months i have got NO results and still have not given up. I have medical reasons for this that i am working on fixing but you get my point.

You also have to remember that you dont start a routine to stop. You dont loose those 5 pounds then go back to not working out and not watching what you eat.

Being healthy is a life style change. Whether you are fit or not you should always be working out regularly and eathing healthy.

So anyway i encourage any of you who isnt happy with yourself to stop wishing and start working.
Even if you aren't "fat" or overweight.. You can always be healthier in some way.

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