Monday, April 18, 2011

Get fit get healthy week3

Oh man, i cant believe ive stuck to this workout.

For those of you who dont know already i am doing the insanity workout. It is definitely NOT for pansies.
This week went as follows:

  • Sunday- cardio plyometrics (40 min)
  • Monday- cardio power and resistance (38 min)
  • Tuesday- pure cardio (38 min)
  • Wednesday- cardio curcuit (30 min)
  • Thursday- cardio recovery (30 min)
  • Friday- cardio power and resistance (38)
  • Saturday- REST DAY
So the first week i was eating how i normally do (between 1,000-1,500 cals).  I got headaches like everyday. This week i could just feel that my body needed more! So by golly i ate everything! i even ate kinda bad and had 2 pieces of pizza. Well this week i FINALLY got some results! Lost 2 pounds and an inch in my tummy (i dont care to measure anything else). If im not constantly eating i got shaky and when i stand up i almost pass out :(

Week 3

Height: 5'7
Weight: NOT disclosing this lovely piece of information but i am 2 pounds down. 26 pounds to go. shoot
Your fitness challenge for the week: Continuing INSANITY
Your health challenge for the week: Eating healthier food and continuing upping my caloric intake. I also am starting a protein powder to help me out.

How did it go: Im so surprised im actually sticking to these workouts. Its such an accomplishment that ive even finished 2 full weeks.

Failures and Slip-ups: had me some pizza

Now for the embarrassing stuff
i do not know why i am showing this...
but here we go

lol barf

you can vote for our blog for my braveness :)
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