Saturday, April 23, 2011

Get fit Get healthy: week 3...or 4

When i wrote my first post, i wrote it before i finished my week. so when i say week 4, im started week 4, just finished week 3. So dont be confused when you realize last week i said week 3 haha.

so i just finished up

this week of INSANITY went as follows

  • Sunday: Pure cardio + Cardio abs -56 min
  • Monday: Fit test -25 min.
  • Tuesday: Cardio curcut -30 min
  • Wednesday: Pure cardio + Cardio abs -56 min
  • Thursday: Cardio recovery -30 min
  • Friday: Cardio power and resistance -40 min
  • Saturday: REST DAY

Height: 5'7
Weight: NOT disclosing this lovely piece of information but i lost one pound this week but gained it back. So total i am still 2 pounds down.
ready for my vent session?? well here it comes.
THIS IS FREAKING RETARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bust my mother effing A for what?! for nothing. Im so freaking sick of this. as i said i got my thryoid re-checked last week to see if my medication needed to be adjusted and they said its normal. So i made another appointment and if nothing changes this week im going to see a specialist. If anyone knows the insanity workouts you know that they are INTENSE. So its ridiculous to not get results.
Your fitness challenge for the week: Continuing INSANITY
Your health challenge for the week: Eating healthier food and continuing upping my caloric intake. the protein powder seems to be helping the shakeyness and makes me feel better but i dont know if thats whats keeping me from loosing weight so im gonna either only drink it every other workout, or im going to quit taking it all together. i only take half a scoop but still.
How did it go: good. i give myself a cheat day so i had Red Robin this week. And like always i split my dinner into 2 different meals so its not THAT bad
Failures and Slip-ups: none... thats why i give myself a cheat day for our date night

No progress this week but ill post pics anyway

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