Saturday, April 9, 2011

Get fit Get healthy- week 2

So yea i started this way late and im only on week 2 but you gotta start somewhere right??

So this week i started INSANITY. i was pretty scared lol.

If you dont know what these workouts are, its a 60 day cardio-based total body workout. You workout every day (except sunday) for 30-40 min, mostly 40 min. I used to run alot (did a 5k and a 10k) and so i know what intese running feels like and these workouts make you feel like you are in a full sprint (if your pushing yourself as hard as you should). I get that burny feeling in my throat and everything. You are dripping sweat before the warmup is even over lol. Not even kidding. its INTENSE. i was already working out regularly before i started this and considered myself pretty fit but these workouts make me want to puke. Maybe its because i drink too much water and your bening over and upside down alot. who knows.
  • Day 1: this was the fit test. and it kicked my butt
  • Day 2: THE REAL WORKOUT. i thought the fit test was hard? oh boy. This day i discovered i needed a better sports bray haha. Not becuase i have saggy boobs (even though i do :) but becuase this workout is intense. you are all over the place. upside down, bending over, jumping, running, bending over some more.
  • Day 3: Day 3 was a little easier. Not becuase the workout was any easier, my body was just starting to get used to the stress these workouts put you through.
  • Day 4: This day was my cardio recovery day and i kept wanting to push harder.. i didnt want to take it easy. But i did.
  • Day 5: max cardio. It was intense. i was to thankful for Sonya from {shutter}mama's advice to eat a banana before the workout, then you dont feel like puking as much
  • Day 6: i will do tonight :)
No weight loss of course.. FML!!!!!!! no weight gain either though...
You seriously DO NOT know how frustrating it is to being working out SO HARD (this is the hardest i have ever worked out in my entire life, i dont think i could work out any harder), and still have NO results

i went to the doc and had my blood drawn again for my thyroid, still waiting to hear back.

This week im going to continue working out every day doing insanity and continue eating healthy

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