Monday, April 11, 2011


All is Bright: It's vicious, man.

I seriously felt the need to second Bevin's post. I have only recently linked with topbabyblogs and got all into this blogger mommy world. And the reason i linked with it was to find other moms like me who are going through the same things and to all support each other. I want to touch people's lives and i want to be touched by others. Blogging is fun. All the photo challenges and so forth is fun to me and helps expand my photography skills and it entertains me.

But like Bevin said it feels more and more like high school.... There are some very sweet blogger mom's and some that are snobby. I fell in love with a certain blog and she/he/whoever has got so wrapped up in sponsors and making money that i have become so uninterested in the blog now. Id comment all the time and NEVER get a reply or anything. And the only time i see them comment on someone elses blog, that blog has to have at least 300 followers. REALLY? you are not a celebrity... lol im not saying anyone i talk to has to talk back but you'd think that if someone was often visiting your blog and saying nice things that you'd have the courtesy to at least say thank you... It just seems like the number of followers you have has become your "social status" in this blog world.

Haha i feel so funny even writing this but i really hope that all of us blogger mom's keep in mind the reason why you even started blogging. Stay genuine.

I hope no one takes offence to this... i just mean this post to be a reminder to keep your blogs fun and enjoyable instead of an Internet billboard haha.
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