Tuesday, April 12, 2011

colors IN YO FACE!

For years and year i have wanted to attend the Krishna Temple Holi-festival of colors. And this year i finally went. This is the Krishna temple in Spanish Fork Utah. Sooo gorgeous. (i did not take this pic, i found it on google). TONS of people (of many religions and no religions at all) come to this event

I did some research on the point of this festival because everyone goes but no one really knows why lol. The Krishna people started this as a way to bring spring (hence all the colors). Everyone throws colored dust in the air and they burn a witch (not a real one obviously) as a way to rid evil spirits i think. This event is so hippie but i loved it. Everyone hugs and sings and dances.

i didnt bring my nice camera cuz i didnt want it to get ruined
This year i went with my baby sister (the darker haired girl) and her friend Shelbie. We arrived and i wanted to get some "clean" pictures lol

then we bought the good stuff :)
while you wait for the count down people get anxious and start doing some dust art on each other haha

 as the time goes by you get more and more colorfull
dust in yo face! lol

Then the time comes.. they do this chant thing and do a countdown and then EVERYONE throws dust into the air. Its SOOO cool. Everyone is yelling and counting down, then when the dust is thrown everything goes silent.
Its soo peacful and awesome. I didnt have my camera out cuz i was busy throwing dust and and not being able to see but here are some pictures i googled

its pretty on the outside. On the inside you cant really see unless you are wearing goggles and it just looks really dusty.

This is the aftermath

Everyone starts crowd surfing. We were in the middle so there were people coming up from the bottom of the hill, coming from the top, the sides, it was CRAZY so we got out of there
(googled pics)

Now thats just gross... lets make out and eat dust

Then the hubby came in his truck to pick us up. We rode in the back. It was a cold ride

So much fun. i am going EVERY year!

please and thank you
your all the best!
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