Thursday, April 28, 2011

BUSY Easter Weekend part uno

Saturday started our Easter weekend. I was pretty dang excited this year becuase Braylee was old enough to actually care for what was going on and be excited. To start off our day we met up with our best friends Nikki, Casey, and baby Hope for an Eater egg hunt at Walmart. Nikki's parents and nieces were also there. The hunt started at 10:00am. We got there at about 9:55am and the kids were already finding eggs! As we walked in we heard the workers saying it was too crazy so they just let them go. Needless to say Braylee didnt get any eggs :( but a little boy walked up and gave her 2 of his eggs, how sweet :)
(sorry about the crappy pics, i dont take my Nikon everywhere even though i should)
 i look tired. i was.

Then from there we went to see the Easter bunny! Braylee did NOT want to sit on the bunny's lap lol. She liked Santa though..

Cousins :)

After that we went to Nikki's mom's to color Eater eggs.
i brought my Nikon along :)

 Casey was hard at work lol.

One Day At A Time

 Bray's egg

 Bray was being a poo poo bum
 she loves uhno(uncle) Casey
no not a REAL uncle but these guys are more than just our best friends,
 they are like family :)

To end our busy day, we went to my friend Heather's reception.
I moved to PG when i was 12 and met Heather. We were like best friends growing up.
Im so happy for her :)
i didnt get many pics but her reception was GORGEOUS

This is such a crappy pic of us :(
this is where i wish i took my Nikon everywhere
oh well, better than nothing :)

HOLY POOP it was a busy day.
i will post pic from Eater day some other time
to be continued..........
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